Funding awards


SHRF Establishment Grant (2018) A Journey With You: Indigenous Peer Navigation in Saskatchewan Cancer Care

SCPOR-SHRF Patient-Oriented Research Leader Award (2018) The Indigenous Health Collective: Advancing Indigenous Health Knowledge in Saskatchewan

SHRF Collaborative Innovation Development Grant (2018) Facilitators and Barriers to Clinical Pathway Uptake in Saskatchewan

SHRF SPROUT Grant (2018) SÂKIPAKÂWIN Assessing the Support Needs for Saskatchewan Indigenous Cancer Patients and their Families: A Multi-method Study

College of Medicine Research Award (2018) Longitudinal Microarchitectural Changes of Bone in Hyperthyroid Patients

CIHR (2017-2022) The Canadian F.I.G.H.T. (Fluorescence Image-Guided Help in Treating) Breast Cancer Surgical Trial

Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (2016-2018) How should person-centered care be implemented for women with DCIS?

University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine (2016-2017) Understanding patients’ perspectives of the process and impacts of immediate and delayed breast reconstruction surgery

SHRF (2016) Novel Methods for Computational Risk Assessment of Thyroid Nodules in Sonographic images

SHRF (2015) Shared Decision Making in Early Stage Stage Breast Cancer: The Development of a Culturally Competent Conceptual Framework Applicable for Aboriginal Patients

SHRF (2015) Breast Health Care in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan: Developing a Cutting-edge Research Base Infrastructure to Assess Reach, Appropriateness and Outcomes

SHRF Collaborative Innovation Grant (2015) In Vivo and In Vitro Evaluation of Patient-Derived Breast Cancer Cells for Early Detection and Treatment of Drug Resistance Tumors

SHRF Phase One Health Research Grant (2013) Surgical Oncology Continuous Quality Improvement Research Group, Phase One Health Research Grant

Current Positions

Clinical Co-Lead, Saskatchewan Appropriateness of Care Program (Present)

Faculty Member, Clinical Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) (Present)

Director of Surgical Oncology, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan (Present)

Chair, Equity Advisory Committee, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) (Present)

College of Medicine Representative, Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI) (Present)

Director of Research, Irene and Leslie Dubé Centre of Care (Present)

Director of Research, General Surgery Residency Training Program (Present)

Program Director, Clinician Investigator Program (Present)


Board Chair, Oltumo Maasai Project


Please visit my profile page at the University of Saskatchewan website for additional information about my work with the College of Medicine.